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Free Audit
We offer a complete and free audit of the property as a complimentary service. It includes a full examination of the property and an itemized quote of all proposed repairs.

Our audit of your property also includes:
  • Occupancy check
    (if occupied, give information for moving incentive programs to tenants and realtor contact)
  • Take photographs of the interior and exterior
  • Put up yard signs
  • Review property for damages and notify realtor
  • Estimates for found damages
    (either as requested or as we find them based on realtor’s preferences)
  • Check property for water leaks
  • Attach lock boxes
  • Keep a stock of realtors’ signs and bank brochures to place in property after initial cleaning is completed
  • Complete property review sheet containing:
    • Type/make/model/serial # or all appliances
    • Damages to the property
    • Basic statistics (# of beds/baths and approx. sq. footage)
    • Room by room overview of cleanliness/trash remaining
    • Type of flooring, countertops, cabinets, windows, and the condition of each item
    • Heating type
    • View type
    • Roof type
We go above and beyond your basic expectation and take care of the smaller details to save you, as the realtor, time and effort.
  • Pick up signs and lockboxes when property is sold/closed
  • Check house if vandalism or a break-in is reported and meet with police if necessary
  • Periodic security checks for vagrants
  • If power/ water bills are high, recheck settings of heaters or for running faucets/toilets
  • Provide painting estimates (either as requested or as we see necessary depending on the realtor’s preference)
  • Place emergency information sign in window for realtor

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